Lexmark Genesis S815 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Lexmark Genesis S815
Download Driver Lexmark Genesis S815

Lexmark Genesis S815 Printer Driver Download. Once I first acquired the printer it labored k, however over the 12 months i might say that 90% of the time it doesn’t work accurately. I’ve known as technical support, waiting much more time to get anyone on the telephone. I’ve had every obstacle below the sun with this printer. Currently, my yellow ink is low and it has been giving me challenge just making a black and white reproduction. It continues to alert me that the color ink cartridge is low, no longer enabling me to make any copies even most effective making use of black ink. That is just an example of the many small however frustrating disorders that this printer has given me. And I disappointed that I had to work with this printer for 3 half hours to get it to print. Needed to replace the ink cartridges, that were to be manufacturer new, and do a deep smooth of the printhead to get it to print on paper. I contacted Lexmark and so they said they couldn’t aid me and i would have to contact the company I bought the printer from. That really upset me!

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