Dell 1125 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Dell 1125
Dell 1125 Printer Driver Download

Dell 1125 Printer Driver Download. Very old  printer. The printer seems to be in working order however didn’t come with toner or a drum. This is not a just right business practice. Each printer, even used or refurbished ones, always comes with a drum considering they have an inclination to final an awfully long time. Additionally most printers come with a least a starter toner to get thing going. This printer came without a toner and no drum and this was once no longer acknowledged in the description of the product. If it had I wouldn’t have bought this product and readily bought one with the entire imperative objects wanted to print. I bought this printer in 2008, can not tell you I paid for it considering it was once incorporated with a package deal I purchased from Dell. It labored exceptional unless a month ago when it commenced have an obstacle with drawing paper out of the tray to print, but in any other case works fairly good. So time for a new printer. 9 12 months life, i suppose that is beautiful freakin’ good. Of path wished it might final without end like the printer. Regardless, why would you purchase this product used? Principally when Dell has a brand new version of a printer that does all the equal things for a $134?
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