Samsung CLX-3185FN Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung CLX-3185FN

Samsung CLX-3185FN

Samsung CLX-3185FN Printer Driver Download. For a laserjet printer, it doesn't print very fast. I have some laser jet printers at work and they are tremendous fast. As quickly as you hit print, the page is coming out. This one just isn't like that. It has to warm up first, which is satisfactory if it's the first think you're printing for the day. But it appears to must heat up even between pages. I feel if I had recognized how sluggish it was, i'd have looked at an extra one. The scan elements are great, nothing detailed. The pleasant of the scan is good though. Oh and the print fine is good too, no complaints there. Like mentioned before, it's not a wireless printer. If you have more than one pc, you have to share it, this means that the most important laptop must be on and conscious for the printer to work. That may be a minor inconvenience, however now not a deal breaker. I do like laserjet better than inkjets, but I feel Samsung could have accomplished just a little better on this one.

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