Samsung ML-1665 Printer Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1665

Samsung ML-1665

Samsung ML-1665 Printer Driver Download. I purchased this printer 2 years ago, have never had a minute's difficulty out of it, and that i like it. I was once in institution and printing quite a bit on the time and nonetheless in 2 years have only purchased three toner cartridges. I managed to seek out them low cost at one more online store so i did not treat this printer as disposable. It nonetheless prints perfectly, warms up fast and i usually get in the direction of 1600 pages from a cartridge. It would not sound like a lot, however nearly one hundred pages makes it sting a little less to buy toner. My only criticism is that it isn't wi-fi, but at the time, I knew i'd just take a seat it with the aid of the bed and print so I did not need wireless. It has been exceptional for the money, in contrast to some printers i've gotten from the large box shops that fee $40 and most effective last 2 months! Model code: MLT-D104S.

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