Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart 5520

HP Photosmart 5520 Printer Driver. I wanted to replace my ancient HP 970CSE printer which was marginal for years, esp. On any snapshot printing. Went to best buy, and walked out with this for $ninety nine, it looked as if it would have enough capability for my occasional use specifications, without being too huge and cumbersome. I did not desire a document feeder or fax, for instance. However the ability to idiot around with snap shots gave the look of fun. 4 years of warranty used to be an additional $forty. I was once initially put off by way of the "Photosmart" title, versus the utilitarian-sounding "Deskjet" I was once exchanging. Actually, I was once given that a Deskjet 3520 with its monochrome display, but the retailer guy [it took me talking to two people to get enough information] satisfied me that this used to be a greater unit. It used the #564 cartridges, which were a lot more low-cost, at $10/ea. Than the #seventy eight cartridge for the old 970. Adequate, there have been now 4 ink cartridges, but i do not see making use of that so much colored ink, just generally black.

HP Photosmart 5520 Driver Download
Brought the printer house, hooked it up, and it ran flawlessly! Did one hundred twenty sheets of black [mostly]/red/blue printing, and the ink popularity gauges barely moved. This printer simply spits out the sheets in draft mode. Rather fast! Tried a photo from the internet on plain paper, and it was quality. Utilizing the four x 6 pattern percent of picture paper that came with the printer, I printed a photo from the hard disc of the computer that was top notch. The digital camera memory slot on the printer will not take my XD memory card, however i will be able to load them into the laptop, as i've been doing. These things would burn up the colored inks, i do know, if I make a habit of it. The printer will provide a repute file if requested, and even print out a sudoku puzzle, or calendar, or even notepaper/ graphpaper. The copying feature is new to me, and will prove priceless. It'll even do a good job duplicating old photos, either on undeniable paper, or photo paper. Now not dangerous for no "snapshot black" potential. All in all, it suits my desires flawlessly, and works very good.
Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart 5520

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