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Epson AcuLaser C2900N Printer Driver. The ultra-low price host, leaflets printing costs over the province, as long as 0.9 yuan * black and white, a color for each $ 4, compared to similar models cost the province more than 30%. Energy Star compliance with international standards, significantly reducing power consumption, cheaper electricity. Optional double-sided printing, a large number of print, the paper is more economical and environmentally friendly. [Description] '*' black and white printing costs are double the amount of packaging high-capacity print cartridges for 6000, to calculate the average cost of leaflets. Ultra high-speed printing, saving time and efficient super-fast, debut just 15.5 seconds to print up to 23ppm, black and white / color printing at the same speed every minute, every second counts for you to grab business opportunities. High speed internet print, enhance the efficiency of support IPv4 / IPv6 network protocol, with high-speed USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet network connection features that make operation and management job easier.

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Auto Print conversion technology, to print without interrupting equipped automatic print conversion technology, even if the color toner runs out, will be automatically converted to black and white output, continuous endurance printing capabilities, so you do not need to print important documents wait! The maximum monthly print volume of up to 40,000 sheets, comprising basic equipment standard tray 250 with universal tray, optional expansion bottom feeder feeder volume 250, large print to meet your needs. Product "Ecological Passport". Epson Eco-point (Eco Passport) is a new product environmental performance logo, representing the Epson continued development of the Earth-friendly products and services. Through Epson Eco-point, consumers can clearly understand the environmental performance of each product, including energy saving, low pollution, conserve resources, utilization of renewable resources, allowing you smart consumer love the earth. Epson printers the world's first ecological passports, in line with international environmental regulations, Epson AcuLaser C2900N color laser printer than the previous generation models: 19.1% volume reduction, weight reduction of 23.3%.
Download Printer Driver Epson C2900N

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