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Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG5740

Canon Pixma MG5740 Printer Driver. After all the critical and partly positive judgments to Canon printers, I have decided for this Canon Pixma MG5740. It seems to be something like a slightly slimmed MG5250, quite similar in heart. The Canon Pixma MG5740 is a very good printer. With the Canon Pixma MG5740 printer, the extended wireless option for mobile applications is a step forward, but is not eg for Windows-phones, nix App! Canon Pixma MG5740 is louder than MG5250. MG5250 printer looks more solid, this 5750 somewhat more plastic thinner. The ejection flap, as mentioned by other writers here, is a maximum of 2/3 of a sheet, paper tends to slip. The open feed flap is probably also a step back, especially since the device has a lot of empty space at the rear. The printing performance is usually jagged. You just have to fumble at the pressure settings. I have now put all my trust in the Canon Pixma MG5740, it is mine, he prints over the router from a desktop PC, a laptop and a tablet.

Canon Pixma MG5740 Driver Download
Until now, I can recommend Canon Pixma MG5740 with minor restrictions. What is also striking: If you install the image software, you get the warning that this is only available for users of the Canon original cartridges. It seems to me, however, that this software must be installed, since various drivers are installed with it. I have since tried first without this picture program get along, and tries without the installation the computer to run. But that did not work. Meanwhile, I have everything going and I'm curious as the apparatus behaves when I switch to replacement cartridges. The Canon Pixma MG5740 printer was put in the basement. I suspect that the B200 error message is the result of using cartridges with spare chips. I have operated the 5250 years before and the 4300 with the original chips in cheap cartridges.

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG5740

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