Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP610

Canon Pixma MP610 Printer Driver. I have due to many customer reviews this printer Canon MP610 added. I had before a HP C4180 and I was the print cartridges just too expensive. I found it a waste every time the whole color cartridge, just because a color was empty. But back to the topic: This Canon Pixma MP610 device is unlike my HP a monster. But when I had overcome the transport problems and unpacked him, I was already a fire and a flame. Canon Pixma MP610 printer looks great, the menu is great and he is much better processed than my old HP! The drawer for the paper feed, e.g. Is more stable and does not wobble like that. But to come to the most important point for me: The printings: Normal prints on paper are wonderful. They go quickly and are very precise. I am also very impressed with the photo prints.

Canon Pixma MP610 Driver Download
My father thought I had bought the picture, which I have printed for him on photographic paper and designed as a card; o). I am very proud of my printer. A great feature for me is the printing on DVD and CD! With my HP printer I had to print on transparencies and black was unfortunately not black but green. Here I can print DIRECTLY to my CD and the result is great. Thanks to the included software, I was able to design the label as I wanted. And I loved it! Unfortunately, I also heard of the error U150. But only after I bought the printer. Until now, he has not occurred with me and I hope that does not happen so fast. So far I can recommend the Canon Pixma MP610 printer.

Canon will not issue driver to support the Windows 10. The Windows 8.1 drivers should function in the Windows 10 with some limitations which are currently unknown to Canon. There is no driver for the Linux OS or latest Mac OS X Version. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.
Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP610

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