Download Printer Driver HP DeskJet 1115

HP DeskJet 1115 Printer Driver. I needed a new printer, since you have to print from time to time. Since I seldom need the printer, was also no high-performance 500 € device necessary. For what I need it is ok. Unfortunately, HP DeskJet 1115 likes to eat the paper or recognize it at first. The HP DeskJet 1115 software for scanning I have not yet used, so I can not say synonymous. The attached cable is with 3 meters quite awesome, but unfortunately for my printer position somewhat short. I just bought a longer one.

HP DeskJet 1115 Driver Download
There are also positive things to say. One can "pack" or fold the device so that no dust can fall into the paper chute (only if no paper is inserted). The front part (pressure output) can also be folded in place and dust-saving. What is also very nice, is that the flap for the cartridge replacement is a small sticker is attached, which cartridges are needed. There is also a QR code, which leads however only to an HP side, on which one the app should be downloaded (App store). I think I just accepting only the cartridge label. The HP DeskJet 1115 printer has a few negative sides, but for my use I do not care. Nevertheless, I can unfortunately only 4/5 stars.
Download Printer Driver HP DeskJet 1115

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