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Hotspot Shield Software Download

Hotspot Shield Download. Hotspot Shield is a program that adds security to the Internet through a WiFi connection because encrypts data input and output, avoiding that can be viewed by others, intruders or hackers. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is created between the device that connects to the Internet (laptop, iPhone, or other) and the Gateway of Hotspot Shield. It also works on wired connections. It is common to access the Internet by connecting via WiFi in public places, and if you send emails with important information or shopping online, Hotspot Shield ensures that the information is kept protected and inaccessible.

This application also allows anonymously by hiding the real IP, since it is connected through a proxy. If you want to change the IP (eg for downloading from sites that offer the storage service and no waiting) you only need to restart the application without power cycling the router. It also serves to access restricted to visitors from certain countries services because it uses a US proxy. It can also be useful if there are any restrictions on access to Facebook from the workplace.

Download Hotspot Shield 4.06

Hotspot Shield 5.21 is the latest, this security software that runs on Windows, MAC OS X version and Android, including its later editions (Windows 8, Snow Leopard, Lion). This program is free but it displays advertisements while you are surfing. But you have the option of getting a free no faster version, free of advertising, and virus protection.

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