Download KeePass Password Keeper

KeePass Password Keeper DownloadKeepass is a program that allows you to save and manage all passwords (passwords) necessary, safely. Keepass password keeper. Generally it is not easy to remember all the passwords used, and tend to save them to a text file, or the option of the browser to remember is used in addition to leave visible in the mail client in FTP client, or the other applications; but this way they may be exposed to third parties. Nor is it advisable to use the same password for different accounts or using passwords that can be easily guessed or discovered.

KeePass can be the solution to that problem because it is a secure password manager that uses a database and stored in the same encrypted data. Uses strong encryption algorithms (AES and Twofish). Obviously, to recover passwords needed input using a master key, but with the advantage of having to remember one password and not all commonly require.

The format in which the data is saved can be exported to other formats like TXT, XML or HTML among others, and is compatible with other key stewardship programs for both import the data to export. This program can also be used to generate passwords "strong", ie words that are almost impossible to get through programs that use brute force algorithms.

Download KeePass Password Keeper

Download KeePass Password Keeper. This version presents new can define the sequence autocomplete to be applied to a particular entry in the corresponding login form. For example, {USER} {TAB} {PASSWORD} {ENTER} means you must complete the user name stored in the database, followed by the Tab key (to the next form field), followed by password and then the "Enter" key to send the data.

Keepass 2.28 is the latest, updated in October 2014, this software can be downloaded for free and is also Open Source (GPL) version. The program is portable, so you can run from a USB stick and move to use in other PCs, with the advantage that by not typing passwords, you can prevent stealing them if you have a keylogger installed.

Operating system: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.
Size: 2.4 MB.

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