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Download MiniLyrics, Software for Karaoke Player

MiniLyrics DownloadMiniLyrics is an application that displays the lyrics of the songs, while listening to some of the most popular music players, such as iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player. It can be used as karaoke and it moves the text as it moves the song is highlighted with a different color the part to be singing. It has several designs to choose from, which are differentiated by the colors used besides the font size, and sources used.

No need to search the lyrics as the song information automatically searches a database, and if you happen to be deployed. It supports the following players: Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, Foobar2000, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Musicmatch Jukebox, Music Engine, AIMP, KMPlayer, Songbird, The JetAudio, Yahoo! J. River Media Center, Quintessential Player, VLC Media Player, BSPlayer and others.

Download MiniLyrics, Software for Karaoke Player

Once installed MiniLyrics works as a plugin, so that when the player is running in either audio players mentioned opens automatically also this application, moving to display the corresponding lyrics to songs they go ringing. MiniLyrics 6.7.47 is the latest version, updated in February 2015. This is a trial version that never expires and can still be used. This awesome software works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista.

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