Download Plex. Sharing Multimedia Content

Plex. Sharing Multimedia Content Software Download. Plex is a program that allows you to share multimedia content between multiple home devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. The computer must install the server edition (Plex Media Server), while in phones, tablets and consoles must install the client edition.

Plex. The server can be installed on a computer or laptop with Windows or Linux, also on a Mac; while the client can be installed on devices with Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The idea is that while the server application is running, any client device installed application can lift some content (whether movies, photos, music); but turn from these devices can be transmitted to an intelligent LED or LCD TV (smart TV) or to any other TV (not smart) you have connected a Chromecast or other supported device (Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TV, etc.), or to any DLNA compatible equipment. The most noticeable feature in these programs is precisely the convenience offered to family members who enjoy watching a series or music in any sector of home. You can start watching a movie on TV and then continue watching it on the tablet.

Download Plex. Sharing Multimedia Content

Plex is responsible for organizing the entire collection of movies, TV shows, photo albums and other content that are stored on hard drives, so you can access on your phone or the TV. Not only organizes and sorts the contents, but also is responsible for finding and adding information which could be useful in order to complement the data from each of the elements of the collection, either with reviews, covers and other labels that can be lacking.

The application works similar to other administrators of multimedia files, such as iTunes, giving users the ability to create custom playlists based on some criteria (artist, genre, country, language, etc.) Supports lists created with some other management software, so you can import playlists created with iTunes. Another interesting feature that provides Plex has to do with syncing content, eg photos taken with the phone's camera can be easily added to the photo archive wirelessly.

Should have a Dropbox account or Google Drive (both free), Plex facilitates sending and synchronizing files via Cloud Sync service. This will allow sharing of videos and songs between multiple home computers, in addition to supporting the film library to not lose anything in case of any problems. This media center includes a feature called Plex Channels that facilitates access to online content and video publishing sites such as Vimeo. For more features and see how to install Plex help is available on the official site.

Watching movies MKV with Chromecast. Plex can stream movies in high definition (HD) with MKV format using Chromecast connected to the TV. To view the MKV correctly via streaming, the server is responsible for transcoding movies instantly. You can also view MKV using Chromecast through an extension for Chrome called Videostream, and also through a VLC plugin. These options work as an alternative to using Plex and also supports MP4, AVI and other formats 1080p quality.

Download Plex Media Server is the latest version for Windows Server software. It also offers installers for Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS) and Max; and in turn clients for Android, iPhone and Chromecast. Both servers and desktop clients can be downloaded for free, while customers for mobile devices have a very low cost, so if used only to send movies from the computer to the TV, it will be able to use for free .

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