Download Sandboxie Security

Sandboxie Security DownloadSandboxie is a program that allows you to isolate the execution of any application that does not affect the integrity and security of the system, since it avoids any changes to files and folders on the operating system. Programs that run through Sandboxie remain "locked" in a virtual box. It is advisable to take basic safety precautions, such as having a good antivirus, but also can install a firewall and antispyware accompany it. Still, there is no guarantee that it can filter any virus, trojan or other threat. If you are obsessed with security, then run programs as the browser through Sandboxie can be a good option.

You can achieve something similar by a virtual machine like VirtualBox but is a more complicated and recommended for other purposes such as testing alternative operating systems solution. An advantage of using Sanboxie is that you can choose to isolate some programs, while the rest are usually executed. If you want to remove all traces of navigation, as may be the case history, cache, cookies, bookmarks and other changes during a session, you can do through this tool since changes are saved to a temporary folder removed at the end of the association between Sanboxie and browser. Supports Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 (and earlier editions), Firefox (up to version 24) and other browsers.

Download Sandboxie Security

Download Sandboxie Security. Running the browser under the protection of Sandboxie prevents any malicious script that is downloaded to affect the rest of the system. You can also run and protect P2P programs, email clients or customers chat and messaging type, to avoid any problems before the action of a virus while chatting or programs are lowered.

Those users who still have Windows XP operating system on their computers, and given the announcement by Microsoft that will no longer give more support to it, a good practice is to run programs under the protection of this tool. Sandboxie 4.14 is the latest, updated in October 2014, this security software that can be downloaded free version. After 30 days, a message indicating the end of the evaluation period appears, but still you can continue to use without problems. Works with Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and Windows 8 systems (32 and 64 bits).

Download Sandboxie Security
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