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Download Startup Delayer. Customize loading programs with Startup Delayer. Startup Delayer is a tool to customize the loading of programs that run at logon to Windows. While there is a feature of Windows (in the Start menu you should write msconfig and press Enter) that allows (in the Startup tab) uncheck and remove any software from the list, this utility presented today offers more choices, most importantly delays the onset of the applications you select. Many programs are configured by default to start a service to boot Windows, some of them are needed (eg antivirus or firewall), but others are less so and can eliminate your home for the operating system to load faster.

On the other hand there are programs that the user may find it desirable to run automatically because the use daily and thus avoids having to manually execute (Skype, Office, Adobe Reader, etc.). In that case you can set prioritized by applying a delay so do not delay and hinder the proper functioning of the priority applications, eg, browser, to access mail as quickly as possible, or perform a related activity with cleanliness or safety of the system).

Startup Delayer optimizes the established order, start giving each task in the list when the processor and disk access are little busy. You may also determine that certain application has a higher priority than others in resources.

The user can customize and configure other options, such that only the load is delayed when there is an internet connection. You can set more than one profile by date, for example during the weekend is different load, giving greater priority to a game and at least one application used to work.

Download Startup Delayer

This utility also allows the user to monitor the performance of the processor and memory of the PC, accessing a comprehensive report of the resources consumed by processes and services that are running. It is an alternative to Task Manager. Startup Delayer 3.0 is the latest version for Windows, downloadable for free.

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