Download Calme, A Tool to Create Calendar

Calme, A Tool to Create Calendar Software Download. Calme is a program that lets you create personalized calendars to print. It offers templates that you can modify the colors, fonts, borders and margins; and also can change the default for personal pics. Thinking about the new calendar 2015, this tool creates a custom, with the possibility of including different personal photos for each month of the year, featuring an integrated if necessary make adjustments, resize or rotate the added image editor. 

It has 12 different template to apply to the almanac will be created, and supports different types of sheet for printing: A4, Letter, A3, A5, and so on. Calme can also be used as a digital calendar to schedule tasks, events and birthdays; and save it in your PC. Allows automatically update information about dates that are holidays or holidays in different countries. You can plan a year in a semester or a month, having specific templates according to the choice of time the user chooses.

Download Calme, A Tool to Create Calendar

Download Calme, A Tool to Create Calendar. Calme 2015 is the new version of this software to create calendars that can be downloaded free. It is available for all versions of Windows. The program is in English but can generate schedules in Spanish or other languages. Size: 2.3 MB.

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