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Download FBackup, Free Data Backup

FBackup, Free Data Backup Software Download. FBackup is a program that allows backup data. Allows you to configure automatic backup tasks, eg to send some files to another device such as a USB flash drive or another hard drive, or even upload it to a server via FTP. You can also do this manually by selecting the origin and destination of the data to be backed up. Using this application you can select the compression (zip), so that the backup is done in compressed format and thus take up less space. You can choose to use passwords to protect files containing backups.

In general, users manage information that is important to maintain and, to a problem with the disc or accidental deletion, is of interest to recover and restore. An example of information that may be of interest to keep protected is next email, either through Outlook Express or other clients like Thunderbird, whom FBackup is responsible for support through plugins that can be added to the application and make regular backups to another unit.

Download FBackup, Free Data Backup

Besides email clients, it is possible to support information related to other applications (IM, browsers, download managers, etc.) through specific plugins. You can set actions associated with backup tasks that will be programmed; eg delete previous backups before starting a new backup, or shut down your PC after finishing processing. The interface is quite friendly, is translated into Spanish, and has wizards to facilitate the tasks of both backup and file recovery. FBackup 5.1 (5.1.613) is the latest (updated November 2014) version of this software can be downloaded for free. This version is compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista (including 64-bit versions of these operating systems).