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Download Epson LX-1350 Driver Printer

Epson LX-1350 Printer Driver. Since the Epson prints are very economical in consumption, it can be printed by a tape up to four million characters. Epson LX-1350 also consumes very little energy. It has a parallel and serial interface as well as a USB port so that it can be integrated into older as well as newer systems. Epson LX-1350 also has compact design, the Epson LX-350 is not only the ideal 9-pin printer in customer support and offices with limited space; The Epson LX-350 automatically switches between USB, serial and parallel interfaces and can therefore be operated flexibly and computer-independently. A compact 9-needle smoothing machine and up to 357 characters per second (12 cpi).

Epson LX-1350 Driver Download

Epson LX-1350 is a real robust printer with an MTBF value of 10,000 hours with processing of up to 5-ply forms (1 original + 4 copies). Versatile paper paths with front and rear feed in 8 integrated bar codes, USB, parallel and serial interfaces. Long print head life with 400 million strokes per needle and high color banding of up to 4 million characters. This Epson LX-1350 is designed to replace the Epson LX-1170 + II. The new model has a number of improved features and enhancements and with increased time between failures (10 000 hours), the printer Epson LX-1350 is ideal for both front and back offices, where there is a problem for printing on a continuous medium.

Download Epson LX-1350 Driver Printer

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