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Epson TM-U220B Printer Driver. The Epson TM-U220 printer, commonly referred to as the “U220”, is an impact printer used for kitchen or other remote printing needs. The 2 primary connection styles used for this type of printer are serial and Ethernet. Both connectivity methods are superior to Parallel or USB for long distance transmission of print data from a computer station to the printer. Before attempting to configure this printer, it is essential to determine the printer connection style.

Hardware Identification and Packaging:
I. Identification
     A. Ports - Serial Printer
          1. Power Port – round port w/ 4 prongs
          2. Cash Drawer Port – RJ11, unused
          3. 25 Pin Serial Port (female)
     B. Ports - Ethernet Printer
          1. Power Port – round port w/ 4 prongs
          2. Cash Drawer Port – RJ11, unused
          3. RJ45 Ethernet Port
          4. Firmware reset style button near the RJ45 port
     C. Sticker on right side includes “TM-U220…”
     D. Front lid has “EPSON” emblem
     E. Power switch on front right side
     F. 2 lights on the front, (Power/Error, and Paper Out)
     G. Feed button on the front
     H. Front lid for printer ribbon
          1. Rear lid for paper roll

II. Packaging Includes
     A. U220 Printer
     B. Starter paper roll
     C. Red/Black dual printer ribbon cartridge
     D. Power cable
     E. Manuals

Setup Procedure:
I. Initial unboxing
     A. Open front lid
     B. Insert printer ribbon cartridge and close lid
     C. Open rear lid
     D. Insert paper roll (paper coming out from the bottom)
     E. Connect power cable to printer and power outlet

II. Identify connectivity style
     A. Reference identification information above
     B. Ethernet printer has RJ45 connection at the rear
     C. Serial printer has a 25 pin serial connection at the rear

III. Setup Procedures – Serial Printer Only – (Skip to next section for Ethernet Printers)
     A. Determine COM port style of computer that will connect to printer
          1. LENOVO – 9 Pin COM1 port
          2. POSX ALL IN ONE– RJ45 COM port, Ports 1-3 available, COM2 is default for Remote Printers
               a. Requires Adapter (RJ45 to 9 Pin Serial), 3 included with each POSX computer packaging
               b. Connect RJ45 end of adapter into POSX COM port
     B. Determine cable method for printer
          1. Standard Method (distances between 10” to 25”)
               a. Use Pre- Manufactured serial cable included in shipment (25 Pin M to 9 Pin F, null modem serial cable)
               b. Connect cable to computer COM port and to printer
          2. Custom Adapter Method – POSNation Custom Adapter Set (distances greater than 25”)
               a. Run CAT5 cable between computer station and printer
               b. Use POSNation custom-made adapter pair that convert serial connection to transmit over Ethernet cable
               c. Small Grey Adapter (9 Pin F to RJ-45)
                    1). Insert 9 Pin F adapter end into the 9 Pin M connection on the computer and screw in securely
                    2). Insert Ethernet cable to other end of the 9 Pin adapter
                    3). Run Ethernet cable from the computer station to the printer location

          3. Large Grey Adapter (25 Pin M to RJ-45):
               a. Insert 25 Pin M adapter into back of printer serial port and screw in securely
               b. Insert Ethernet cable (coming from computer) to other end of the 25 Pin adapter
               c. Install Epson Print Drivers
                    1). Locate drivers from one of the following locations:
                              a). C:POSNationReceipt and Kitchen PrintersEpson APD_452E.exe
                              b). >Technical Resources>Printers>TM-U220 Series>Advanced Printer Driver
                    2). Select Custom for Setup Type
                    3). At Printer Configuration Screen, select Add to add a printer model
                    4). Select Driver = Epson TM-U220 Receipt
                    5). Port Type = Create a Serial Port
                    6). Change Baud Rate to 9600
                    7). At Select Features Screen, uncheck “64 bit driver”
                    8). Click through other prompts to complete driver installation

IV. Setup Procedures – Ethernet Only
     A. Connect Ethernet cable to rear of printer
     B. Connect other side of Ethernet cable to the router or switch (must be same subnet as computer stations)
     C. Switch on the printer
     D. Do not switch on 2 factory default printers at the same time, or the IP addresses will conflict
     E. Configure printer network settings
          1. Turn on the computer station and login to the Windows “Maintenance” user account.
          2. Identify network configuration
               a. Open up a command line window
               b. Type ipconfig
               c. Identify IP Address
               d. Determine the Subnet
                    1). If computer has IP address, the subnet is 192.168.1.XXX
               e. Identify Subnet Mask (usually
          3. Identify an available IP address to assign to the printer
               a. The printer may be assigned an IP address in the Subnet Range (for our example, between and
               b. For sake of example, we want to assign the address
               c. At the command line, type “ping ”
               d. If results indicate “…Destination host unreachable”, this IP address may be used for printer assignment
               e. If results indicate the number of bytes sent and time to ping, the IP address is already in use, and another must be selected
          4. Install the Epson Windows Configuration Utility located at one of the 2 locations:
               a. C:POSNationReceipt and Kitchen PrintersEpsonEpson Network Printer Config X.XX.exe
               b. >Technical Resources>Printers>TM-U220 Series>TMNet WinConfiguration Utiliity.
          5. Run the Epson Windows Configuration Utility from Start>All Programs>EpsonNet>TMNet WinConfig>TMNet WinConfig.exe
          6. Select “Ethernet” for the Interface Type and click the Search button below.
          7. The utility should display the Ethernet printer by the IP address (factory default)
          8. If the printer is not listed, reset connections and verify it is connected to the same network as the computer station
          9. Select the IP address of the un-configured printer
          10. Click the Configuration button to launch the config settings utility
          11. Set IP address of printer as determine above
          12. Set the Subnet Mask equal to that of the computer (usually
          13. Save the settings.
          14. If prompted for a password, click past the prompt as the factory default password is blank
     F. Install Epson Print Drivers
          1. Locate drivers from one of the following locations:
               a. C:POSNationReceipt and Kitchen PrintersEpson APD_452E.exe
               b. >Technical Resources>Printers>TM-U220 Series>Advanced Printer Driver
          2. Select Custom for Setup Type
          3. At Printer Configuration Screen, select Add to add a printer model
          4. Select Driver = Epson TM-U220 Receipt
          5. Port Type = Create an Ethernet Port
          6. At Ethernet Settings Screen, key in IP address of the printer
          7. At Select Features Screen, uncheck “64 bit driver”
          8. Click through other prompts to complete driver installation

V. Navigate to Devices and Printers (Printers and Faxes) and perform a windows test print to ensure that the station is communicating with the printer

VI. Manually clear the print job, or it will not stop printing

VII. If test print doesn”t work
     A. Serial printer – move directly next to station and reconnect
     B. Ethernet printer – move directly next to router or switch and reconnect, and ensure computer station is connected to the same device
     C. Re-attempt printer setup while printer has direct line-of-site connectivity that may be confirmed

VIII. Adjust Printer Properties
     A. Preferences>Layout>Paper Size>User Defined  Paper Size
          1. Set Paper Size Name = Receipt
          2. Set Paper Length = 3276
          3. Click Save Paper Size
          4. Click OK
     B. Security
          1. Add “User”
          2. Allow “Print” and “Manage documents”

IX. Cash Register Express/Restaurant Pro Express Software Configuration
     A. Station Settings
          1. Open CRE/RPE to the main login screen
          2. Click the yellow “Manager” button at the top of the screen and enter credentials (Password first, and then User ID)
          3. Navigate to Setup>Friendly Printer Setup
          4. Under “Select Friendly Printer”, select “Remote”
          5. Under “Select Local Windows Printer”, select the windows printer that has been configured
          6. Under “Printer Type”, set to “Epson TM-U220 Impact Receipt Printer”
          7. Save and Exit
     B. Inventory Item Settings
          1. Open CRE/RPE to the main login screen
          2. Login using the Manager button
          3. Go to Administrative > Inventory Maintenance
          4. Click Lookup button (bottom left)
          5. Use GUI to enter search text  and locate an item to configure for remote printing
          6. After selecting an item, click Printers tab
          7. Click Add Printer
          8. Select “Remote”
          9. Click Save
          10. The remote printer must be manually attached in this manner to each item to be printed
          11. Click Exit
          12. Exit again to the main login screen

X. Provisioning additional remote printers for the station (Serial and/or Ethernet)
     A. Connect additional printers as described above
     B. Execute driver installer
     C. At Welcome Screen, select Custom
     D. At Printer Configuration Screen, select Add to add an additional printer
     E. Reference procedures above for driver installation
     F. Perform CRE/RPE Station settings and test
     G. Use the Add Printer function to add additional Friendly Printers for configuration

XI. Provisioning a printer for additional stations
     A. Serial Printer
          1. Go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers (Printers and Faxes)
          2. Select Printer Properties
          3. Share printer for the network
          4. On other stations, use Windows Add Printer feature to connect
          5. Perform CRE/RPE Station settings and test
     B. Ethernet Printer
          1. Execute driver installation
          2. At Welcome Screen, select Custom
          3. At Printer Configuration Screen, select Add to add an additional printer
          4. Follow procedures above to install additional Ethernet printers
          5 Perform CRE/RPE Station settings and test

I. Login to CRE/RPE

II. Add an item to the invoice which has been assigned to the Remote printer:

III. Click Pay and select cash as the method

IV. System should close sale and send Remote ticket

Common Problems:
I. Test print not working, and moving printer near it’s connection source to eliminate questions of wiring has not helped.
     A. Uninstall the failing print driver
     B. Verify no other existing, working printer drivers are on the same port
     C. Install a generic print driver for the printer and print another test page
     D. If this test is successful, the problem is with the OS/driver configuration

II. What are the paper roll dimensions for this printer?
     A. 3" X 165” bond paper, 7/16” Core

III. Print jobs are hung in the queue and will not clear.
     A. Open Print Job Status windows
     B. Click File>Cancel all printer jobs
     C. Restart Print Spooler service
     D. Reboot computer

IV. Why is the printer assigned to the ESDPRT00X Port?
This is the Epson proprietary Serial Com Port driver. If you move the printer to a standard COM port in the printer port settings, you will not be able to communicate with the printer. If the ESD port is not visible as a possible port assignment in the driver settings, your configuration has been damaged, and you must un-install and re-install the driver.

 Epson TM-U220B Driver Download

V. Re-Installation of the drivers isn”t working.
You must follow a rigid procedure for effective driver re-installation.
     A. Driver Installation must be done using the APDXXX.exe tool, not Windows>Add Printer.
     B. When adding a serial printer, be sure to set baud rate to 9600 (not the default).
     C. Follow this method for re-installation.
          1. Un-install the driver.
          2. Reboot the computer.
          3. Re-install the driver.
          4. Reboot the computer.

VI. The printer works with my Windows XP Machine, but I get an error trying to user printer sharing with my Windows 7 machine.
Older versions of the Advanced Printer Driver are not compatible for both Operating Systems. Install the latest version of the APD that is documented to be compatible with XP and Windows 7, and try sharing the printer again.

VII. Paper advances and the printer sounds like it is printing, but no text shows on the receipt.
     A. Remove paper roll
     B. Scratch paper with finger nail
     C. Black marks indicated thermal paper which is incompatible, replace with bond paper
     D. Reinsert roll with paper coming from the bottom of the roll
     E. Reset printer ribbon cartridge or swap with a known good cartridge

VIII. Reset Ethernet printer network settings to factory default.
     A. Find the small circular button at rear of printer near the RJ45 connection
     B. Press and hold the button down until test page prints
     C. Power cycle printer
     D. Factory IP address is

IX. There are too many items to manually assign for remote printing.
     A. It may be possible to write a simple SQL query to apply printer settings to desired items
     B. Contact Technical Support for an evaluation  

Download Epson TM-U220B Drivers Printer

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